A rotation problem

asked 2014-11-13 14:20:53 -0600

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Hey everyone,

I had a few questions and I would really appreciate it if you can help me with that :)

I am working on a facial expression detection project, I am using VS 2010 with C++ and openCV and I have been using Intraface for facial features detection. My input comes from a camera, which means I am working on a real time video. Although my code is working more or less correctly, when the orientation of the face changes, results are no more accurate. To solve that problem I thought of rotating the face so that it is always straight and then calculate the facial expression from there.

For example, I succeeded to measure the angle between the two eyes so if it is not 180 (which means the face is not horizontal) the frame of the captured video will rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise to make the face horizontal and then calculate the facial expression. So this has been working correctly when using orientation in x direction. My problem now is with the y and z direction...this means I will have to rotate the face itself from the video or if that is possible to rotate the camera...Does anyone have any suggestion about how to solve that?

Your help will be very much appreciated =) Thank you very much in advance. Best regards, Maha

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