It's called of berries as well there is a difference

asked 2014-11-12 01:54:17 -0500

It's called of berries as well there is a difference and you want Gobi berries and specifically the ones are best start in baton County a reason mean not the West and get advice from China add to that wants are the way to go metabolism booster so metabolism booster this is just actuate I'd like to sprinkle Chi and I love spicy stuff so I just I just Vivabiotics lay on the cayenne pepper you know dashing into that about him except or whatever under the hatch and ginger so I'll cut in interest so peace I’m especially in winter time this is great ginger program is awesome so I just blend all this everything up oh my god because it's your first drink up the day she you probably want to I had a scoop of protein 28 so it could be your favorite protein if you’re not being go ahead Hathaway protein for me I liked it quite in a scoop %uh Robbie n organic protein powder and cut n blend it all up and get to go and like I said about half an hour cuzthat's going to get your metabolism going like I sent you your body has star all night it needs for that first thing in the morning don't even get up and think about going.

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