3D stereo, bad 3D coordinates

asked 2014-11-03 22:36:38 -0500

I'm using stereo vision to obtain 3D reconstruction. I'm using opencv library. I've implemented my code this way:

1) Stereo Calibration

2) undistort and Rectification of image pair

3) disparity map - using SGBM

4) 3D coordinates calculating depht map - unsing reprojectImageTo3D();


-Good disparity map, and good 3D reconstruction

-Bad 3D coordinates values, the distances don't corresponde to the reality.

The 3D distances, the distante between camera and object, have 10 cm error and increse with distance. For 20 cm object distance - 8 cm error. I,ve used various baselines and i get always error. When i compare the extrinsic parameter, vector T, output of "stereoRectify" the baseline match. So i dont know where the problem is.

Can someone help me please, thanks in advance


http://textuploader.com/ocxl http://textuploader.com/ocxm

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