"Could not open reference" Video Input tutorial

asked 2012-11-23 06:59:47 -0500

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Hi all,

I am new using opencv, and I have been through all the tutorials available in order to learn a little bit. I am trying to run the Video Input with OpenCV and similarity measurement tutorial and I am getting the above message: could not open reference Megamind.avi Any idea why I am getting this error?

Opencv 2.0 is running in a Ubuntu OS, and I use cmake to compile the cpp files.

See below a copy of the text of the Console:

pau@pauLinux:~/Projects/opencv/proves/videoInputPsnrSsim$ ls CMakeCache.txt CMakeLists.txt Megamind_bugy.avi videoInputPsnrSsim.cpp CMakeFiles Makefile video cmake_install.cmake Megamind.avi videoInputPsnrSsim

pau@pauLinux:~/Projects/opencv/proves/videoInputPsnrSsim$ ./videoInputPsnrSsim Megamind.avi Megamind_bugy.avi 35 10

This program shows how to read a video file with OpenCV. In addition, it tests the similarity of two input videos first with PSNR, and for the frames below a PSNR trigger value, also with MSSIM. Usage:

./video-source referenceVideo useCaseTestVideo PSNR_Trigger_Value Wait_Between_Frames

Could not open reference Megamind.avi

Thanks in advance.


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