Opencv Test suite on android

asked 2014-10-08 05:13:46 -0500

Shabuddin Shaik gravatar image

How to run the test suite for opencv on android platform, while the device is connected to host machine through USB.

i have installed OpenCV manager on android, opencv4android sdk on linux host machine,i am able to run sample programs with the help of eclipse.

In OpenCV-master sdk we have folder modules/ts/misc which contains python scripts to run the test suite, but opencv4 android sdk doesn't have these scripts. can any one guide me how to run these test with the help of these sripts.

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Do you need help starting up an Android application on the device via Android Debug Bridge?

rwong gravatar imagerwong ( 2014-10-08 17:35:41 -0500 )edit

I need the procedure to run the Opencv test suite on android.

Shabuddin Shaik gravatar imageShabuddin Shaik ( 2014-10-10 03:52:22 -0500 )edit