Displayed image is not scalable on Qt Creator

asked 2014-09-27 13:00:24 -0600

CV_ZONK gravatar image

updated 2014-09-27 13:03:55 -0600

Hi all,

Recently, I have installed Qt Creator 5.3.2 on Mac OS X (Version 10.9.5). I am trying to read and display an image using OpenCV functions (imshow and namedWindow). The problem is when I resize the window, the size of image does not change and I am only able to see a part of it. I have tried all the flags (CV_WNDOW_NORMAL | CV_WINDOW_KEEPRATIO),... but, no result. I have copied my code below. Thanks for your considerations.

int main() { IplImage * imgin; if ((imgin = cvLoadImage("700.tif")) == NULL) { printf("Error: image read error\n"); exit(0); } namedWindow("Source Image", CV_WINDOW_NORMAL); cvShowImage("Source Image", imgin); }

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