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multithreaded cascade classifire

asked 2012-11-18 07:00:22 -0600

Hossein gravatar image

hi i want to know whether or not the cascadeclassifire can detect multithread ? and if yes, how can i enable multithreading in cascadeclassifire. I use detectmultiscale() function but i think it is not multithread. I want to use it in an realtime software and want to use it in multithreaded way. thanks

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answered 2012-11-18 07:45:27 -0600

updated 2012-11-18 07:57:33 -0600

hi.for parallel programming you can use TBB. In the CMake select WITH_TBB & make OpenCV with TBB. opencv_traincascade can use TBB in multi core system.

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I know traincascade can works multithreaded, but i want use cascadeclassifier mutithreaded. I want multi threading in detection stage not in learning stage !

Hossein gravatar imageHossein ( 2012-11-18 22:10:27 -0600 )edit

Both stages train & test can use TBB.

Mostafa Sataki gravatar imageMostafa Sataki ( 2012-11-18 22:54:46 -0600 )edit

thakns, I found following sentence under documentation of CascadeClassifier::detectMultiScale, that is : The function is parallelized with the TBB library.

Hossein gravatar imageHossein ( 2012-11-18 23:08:16 -0600 )edit

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