OpenCv Warp optimization

asked 2014-09-01 08:18:49 -0500

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I'm trying to use the opencv stitching pipeline to develop a prototype for a custom stitching flow. The stitching is between 2 pictures, the resolution of each is about 1200x960.

I noticed that the warp perspective function is pretty lengthy, roughly 0.5 seconds for each picture.

Any estimates of how much this could be improved upon and by what method (besides improving hardware)?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, were you able to do anything about it? I too, am getting ~250ms on such resolutions, in warpPerspective alone. Were you able to optimized or find a better alternative? Please do tell, it's a really critical bottleneck in my application. Thank you.

bad_keypoints gravatar imagebad_keypoints ( 2015-10-08 01:22:00 -0500 )edit