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Hand Detection

asked 2014-08-28 05:14:49 -0600

rahulvg gravatar image

I am trying to detect hand using opencv and c++.

I am able to find the contour of the hand(Positive image)with person hand present in the image.Basically I am finding largest contour and consider it as hand contour.Lets say in the given image the hand is not present then i will take any contour and consider it as the hand.

So I started thinking can I use the haar cascade to determine the rectangle of the hand and focus on that area,but I tried searching online for the xml but I think it is not available like face detection.

So given a image how can I determine from the set of contour which one is of hand?

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answered 2014-08-29 13:18:42 -0600

fedor gravatar image

Hi, rahulvg ! How you finding largest contur ? Edge detection ? For this taks you can use skin detection (CvAdaptiveSkinDetector) and find largest contur of skin, if you not doing it now. After that you can crop largest cotur (bounding rect) and use HaarDetector on it. Or use HaarDetection for all image and calc how math skin on detected object. For hand hard to train haar cascade, because it can be in many different pose, but, you can try to do it. But, better, search some differen algoritm. Try to serch papers about it, its popular task. like finger-detection-in-human-hand or Palm position tracking,Hand and finger Tracking using OpenCV Computer Vision

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