creating opencv dll from vc++ project an use in c# and delphi

asked 2014-08-22 23:37:53 -0500

updated 2020-11-14 16:02:06 -0500

Hi,there.I wrote a project in vc++ that is used opencv library and now I need to create a dll and use it in C# and Delphi. My dll has been created successfully but when I'm trying to load it into C# or Delphi environment, my program failed to load it. Do I have to special settings to create a dll with third party library in a vc++ project?(Now third pary library in my project is opencv.) If no, guide me to resolve my problem. Thanks in advance.

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off-topic, again. but let's try even:

please add a single example signature of the functions you're trying to expose

(my guess here: you're trying to use opencv types unknown in your client language, which would need marshalling)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2014-08-23 00:52:09 -0500 )edit

I have same problem Can any body guid me??

Naser gravatar imageNaser ( 2018-02-16 07:56:06 -0500 )edit