How and where do i store my gestures for Gesture recognition technology?

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I am working on a Gesture recognition technology for my engineering project. So, i am able to filter out all the unnecessary things that are not required for detecting gestures. Now, i am wondering that before even i implement the gesture recognition code, i have to first grab some gestures from my webcam frames and store them in a particular format. Also, when my code will run the database where the gesture will be stored should also work in parallel with my code as every gesture i make infront of my camera should be detected and matched with the stored gestures in my database. Now, i know this might be too much to ask for but can you guys suggest me some simple way of storing my gestures in a database and where exactly do i store them. I am having this intuition that the storing the gesture part will kind of work like template matching program/SURF object detection technology. If thats so then may be i should grab a frame from the camera of every gesture i make and store it in my project folder. Is that the right way? Kindly suggest me. Thanks

Sincere request- Please dont link me to source codes. I dont want source code as i want to create it myself without copying anyone's work. Thanks

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what do you already have, apart from a vague collection of plans ?

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2014-08-20 01:07:16 -0600 )edit