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USB Video Capture Device

asked 2012-11-09 12:05:10 -0600

scottjdaley gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I am looking into OpenCV for creating a graphical user interface overlay on top of a real time video feed. Before diving too much deeper, I wanted to make sure that OpenCV would satisfy my needs. From what I can tell, OpenCV is perfectly suited for overlaying transparent graphical elements over a video feed. However, unlike most people using OpenCV, I was hoping to use a composite RCA security camera rather than a webcam. Is this something that is possible? I was looking into a USB video capture device for interfacing the video with the pc ( Thanks in advance,


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answered 2012-12-06 02:38:36 -0600

AlexanderShishkov gravatar image

Yes, it is possible. For example we tried E-capture 601WD. On Windows you can use any device with supporting DirectShow.

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Asked: 2012-11-09 12:05:10 -0600

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