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how to remove point noise

asked 2014-08-17 01:56:44 -0500

mohagheghiyan gravatar image

I want to remove noises similiar points and save persian character. my sample is: image description

how to this work is possible? are there any function or algorithm for remove noises in opencv?

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answered 2014-08-18 13:21:29 -0500

updated 2014-08-18 19:31:39 -0500

This case is not an easy one. It depends on the application and the effects of the noise. The easiest thing you can do to correct the image is to use the median filter After that you can also erode the image and then dilate it

If you need to go beyond this level, then you need to extract the features and recognize the outlier (and of course, make them off).

This is the result: image description

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also you can use blob or contour to filter noise.

wuling gravatar imagewuling ( 2014-08-18 18:45:10 -0500 )edit

@wuling: You're right, but this case is not easy. Some of the dots you see in the image are not noisy ones, they are part of the letters! So, contours wouldn't help that much.

hadoofi gravatar imagehadoofi ( 2014-08-18 19:28:41 -0500 )edit

hi , i think contour to calculate area .....

wuling gravatar imagewuling ( 2014-08-18 19:46:24 -0500 )edit
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