linux QT cvFindContour + opengl screen too much light freeze the gui

asked 2014-08-08 04:42:00 -0600

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Hallo ...

I Use QT4.8 and opencv2.4.8 on linux kernel 3.15 .... My code is c++ and c mixed .... I capture from cam, apply treshold, canny and cvSmooth erode dilate tranformation in QThread ..... then apply cvfindcontours and cvdrawcontours ....I convert the result to matImage and convert it in QImage. Each trasformation (treshold, canny and cvSmooth), become a QImage and It send to a specific QWidget in the gui. Obviusly I clear every matimage and iplimage at the end and any thread loop. QImage is sent to Qwidget on my Gui .... QWidget transform QImage in GLtexture2d and finally show it to the screen. GLbuffer is cancel every time ... the frame rate of cam is 25 .... WORKS ALL FINE IF THE ROOM LIGH ARE LOW ... but when the light is normal or hight lever the gui freeze and the image in opencv seems to be buffered ... I have 4 QWidget that show camera capture and transformation and when the gui freeze It work anyway but with confused and fragmented images.

I have not Idea why ... appreciate every suggest (yes in the future I can to tranform every part of my code in c++).

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