Aborted (core dumped) Error

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I'm subscribing to RBG kinect topic (/camera/rgb/image_color) and depth topic (/camera/depth_registered/image_raw) and I try to blend the two images like this

image description

using this code that I get from opencv doc:

double a = 0.5; double b; 
Mat blend;
a = ( 1.0 - b );    
addWeighted( cv_ptr_kinect_rgb->image, alpha, cv_ptr_kinect_depth->image, 0.5, 0.5, blend);
cv::imshow( "Linear Blend", blend);

but I get this error message:

 /usr/include/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:418: T* boost::shared_ptr<T>::operator->() const [with T = cv_bridge::CvImage]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.
    Aborted (core dumped)

I don't really know what going wrong !?

The entire code: here

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You may have to post the entire code before we can look at the cause of abort. As per your message, it seems like an error on passing a pointer to boost library.

unxnut gravatar imageunxnut ( 2014-07-23 06:56:43 -0500 )edit

I just add the entire code

ROSpioneer gravatar imageROSpioneer ( 2014-07-23 07:22:15 -0500 )edit

You are getting compilation errors. The compiler is unable to find the header files based on what you posted. You will need to locate those files and add their location in project properties.

unxnut gravatar imageunxnut ( 2014-07-23 08:24:35 -0500 )edit