With or without and IDE? (ubuntu 14.04 & 2.4.9)

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I have been trying to get opencv to work for about two weeks now. Finally tonight I managed to get it to work(examples) in Ubuntu 14.04 (using 2.4.9 with 64bit). Now I have came to the point where my novice abilities as a programmer come to light the most. I completely understand how to write the c++ code but what is confusing me are the header files. I have been leaning towards not to use an IDE because in the past two weeks I have failed to get any of the methods to work(I have tried probably around 12+ different tutorials all following instructions perfectly). At this point in time I just really want some help on what is the best and most up to date way to use the openCV liberties. Or a little more explanation on how a header files works/ getting c++ to run without a IDE while using the opencv libraries. I know similar questions to this have been asked before but none have really explained very well/ didn't really work for me. I am extremely excited to work with the openCV libraries in a couple up coming projects but It has strained my limited knowledge of c++ programming to it's max. So what I am looking for is a definitive answer on what the easiest way to use opencv is.

Some possible information to consider while answering this question. My project is aiming towards making a motion tracking script with live video and interfacing to another device. The issue's I have been having with IDE's (with windows and ubuntu) are getting the #include "random module" to be recognized. (I am not very sure if that will make much of a difference but I figured I show include it in this post).

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