Gender-Age recognition from webcam doesn't work

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Hi everybody! I really need help.

I'm trying to develop a age-gender recognition system; but I can't have to work it right. My system detect face without false positive (skin mask applied) also using landmarks for eyes and mouth it's able to align and crop all the face in the same way in order to have them all aligned. I've computed my training samples (a db with 800 images, 50% male and 50% female; I'm trying to recognize only the gender for now) with an LBPH algorithm and with that I've trained an SVM classifier with 2 class.

The test faces are taken from a web cam stream and on a average of 3 frame, I compute the prediction on the face.

But the result it's really bad. The error rate is about 50%.

I know that my system is well defined because it's able to recognize me (my face is in the train db), but when it comes to other subject, it's always really unreliable

My last hypothesis are 2: - the webcam resolution in MP is too low in order to give me good images - I need to apply a face interpolation in order to precisely overlap my faces in order to match their features space

Someone's got some suggestion? Are my last hypothesis right?

Thanks to everyone!

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I have same problem. Which kind of database is used? I am using AT data base. It is not good. So, I change to other database of a software

john_1282 gravatar imagejohn_1282 ( 2015-03-24 03:52:13 -0600 )edit