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coin date cascade training

asked 2014-05-24 15:25:19 -0600

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updated 2014-05-24 16:04:34 -0600

I have been trying to create a cascade classifier for a penny date prefix of the number 19. I am following this tutoria: , but but I haven't had a positive result from detection. I am getting a circle in the middle regardless of what image i use.


Can someone please see if I am missing something?

Here are the files used for the training:

created samples like this:

perl bin/ positives.txt negatives.txt samples 1500\
  "opencv_createsamples -bgcolor 0 -bgthresh 0 -maxxangle 1.1\
  -maxyangle 1.1 maxzangle 0.5 -maxidev 40 -w 15 -h 15"

and trained like this:

opencv_traincascade -data classifier -vec samples.vec -bg negatives.txt\
  -numStages 20 -minHitRate 0.999 -maxFalseAlarmRate 0.5 -numPos 100\
  -numNeg 12 -w 15 -h 15 -mode ALL -precalcValBufSize 1024\
  -precalcIdxBufSize 1024

The classifier/cascade.xml is what i'm using with the facedetect.cpp sample from opencv:

...I know I need a lot more sample images but I wanted to test something simple before I comited to all the cropping needed. Thanks for your help.

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answered 2014-05-25 03:05:43 -0600

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