No object detection with Cascadeclassifier on GPU

asked 2014-05-23 11:17:46 -0600

Tariq gravatar image

Dear all,

I recently updated to OpenCV 2.4.6 and built it with CUDA 5.5.

My old projects were doing dectection with GPU. Now after this update, there is no detection at all. I could not understand a comment about cascadeClassifier_GPU(const string filename), which says "Only the old haar classifier (trained by the haar training application) and NVIDIA’s nvbin are supported for HAAR and only new type of OpenCV XML cascade supported for LBP."

Did any body else also face this problem. I have also asked a detailed version of the related question at stackoverflow.

Could you please help me in that?

I would assume that CascadeClassifier work only with CPU?

I am also posting this question to the mailing list.


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