Fisher Face algorithm behavior issue ?

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Hi, We are using fisher face algorithm for face recognition. We have a training set of three persons along with 10 training sets of AT&T faces.

1. If one of the image from training set of a particular person is given as test input image, 
the distance values are lying in the range 0 - 40
Below is the output and the input image given was a original library image of 
Person A (i.e., 'Person A-3') and it is rightly predicting the face.

 Person A-1: 31.8134 
 Person A-2: 23.8725 
 **Person A-3: 0** 
 Person A-4: 23.7072 
 Person A-5: 33.4325 
 Person A-6: 23.0789 
 Person A-7: 18.7861 
 Person A-8: 21.4499 
 Person A-9: 41.3284 
 Person A-10: 28.2818 

 Person B-1: 2419.69 
 Person B-2: 2433.63 
 Person B-3: 2431.57  
 Person B-4: 2432.63 
 Person B-5: 2424.21
 Person B-6: 2431.84 
 Person B-7: 2426.34 
 Person B-8: 2430.04 
 Person B-9: 2434.03 
 Person B-10: 2428.1     

2. Now I remove the image 'Person A-3' from Library set and run the program, 
the distance values of Person A image are lying in the range 360 - 400. 
I don't understand why the distance for Person A other images have changed so drastically.

 Person A-1: 369.546 
 Person A-2: 366.995 
 Person A-4: 359.796 
 Person A-5: 364.067 
 Person A-6: 363.081 
 Person A-7: 367.23 
 Person A-8: 366.868 
 Person A-9: 363.869 
 Person A-10: 366.046 

 Person B-1: 2267.93  
 Person B-2: 2281.96  
 Person B-3: 2279.12  
 Person B-4: 2279.57  
 Person B-5: 2273.32
 Person B-6: 2279.01 
 Person B-7: 2275.28 
 Person B-8: 2276.98 
 Person B-9: 2282.63 
 Person B-10: 2276.26

Can you please guide me on why this is happening and how to overcome it.

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I have the same problem!, are you using OPenc or JavaCV ? do you pass parameters to the constructor ?

dervish79 gravatar imagedervish79 ( 2014-01-07 02:23:22 -0500 )edit