findFundamentalMat + RANSAC = strange behavior

asked 2012-10-18 04:26:29 -0600

Pitscho gravatar image


I have synthetic data for features. these is absolutely correct. I can check that.

So I have 10 features correspondences for cv::findFundamentalMat and I use CV_FM_RANSAC.

openCV always kicks points out of this set and finds a completely wrong fundamental Matrix. The Strange thing is, 7 correspondences are left. But the RANSAC in findFundamentalMat uses the 8Point algorithm as far as i know. So i have no clue whats going on here. I also have the features in 3D and use solvePNPRansac. Everything is fine there.

Even when i change the coordinates of my features, the function findFundamentalMat just kicks some other 3 corespondences.

When i use the CV_FM_8POINT method the results are fine. But i have to use RANSAC because normally i have douzens of noisy features.

Anyone any idea?

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