Find Circle Grid fails at asymmteric pattern captured by camera

asked 2014-04-27 06:06:19 -0500

Hello opencv-users! Thanks in advance for your help

i am trying to use the findcirclegrid with the asymmetric pattern (4,11) captued by a laser camera but it always return false the image resolution is 200x200 but i tried resized to varius sizes(640x480) case it works that way but it didn't

below is the code i use

SimpleBlobDetector::Params params; params.minDistBetweenBlobs = 1; params.minThreshold = 1; params.thresholdStep = 5;

params.filterByInertia = false;
params.filterByConvexity = false;
params.filterByColor = false;
params.filterByCircularity = true;
params.filterByArea = true;
Ptr<FeatureDetector> blobDetector = new SimpleBlobDetector(params);

found = findCirclesGrid( cImg, Size(4,11), pointBuf, CALIB_CB_ASYMMETRIC_GRID + CALIB_CB_CLUSTERING, blobDetector );
return found;//always returns false
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