read streaming video from network camera in OpenCV Python

asked 2014-04-24 12:04:50 -0500

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I am streaming video and images from a network camera (raspberry pi camera) to my ubutnu laptop. I would like to capture it on my ubuntu 12.04 laptop using OpenCV. Is there an example in python code to do this? I have done a proof of concept to make sure the video was arriving at the laptop through the use of netcat and mplayer.


edit: Some more info: the video is sent over a socket, so I would like to capture video stream coming through a socket on the laptop.

edit ii: It looks like I sending an image sequence from the pi camera to the laptop but opencv doesn't seem to want to display the image sequence (using imshow). Id be glad to enter the code I'm using if you'd think that would help

edit iii: I figured out a bit of it. I needed a cv2.waitKey(1) after my cv2.imshow.

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