Opencv with native android

asked 2014-04-10 03:44:59 -0600

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Can we use opencv in android use ndk i am trying it from last 15/20 days , it give me running program sometime and sometime show me error's , as i think i configured it right as well , my previous question regarding it is here and here , i am using android 2.4.8 with ndk-8 on 64bit windows , i also tried opencv 2.4.4 but there is no sample for native is given there

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Have you checked face-detection sample: It has jni part.

Daniil Osokin gravatar imageDaniil Osokin ( 2014-04-10 04:38:37 -0600 )edit

still getting the same error as i mentioned in links , it runs in first time but when i click on DetectionBasedTracker_jni.cpp it showing me error on

  # include < string >
  # include < vectotr >
  # include < jni.h >
FLY gravatar imageFLY ( 2014-04-10 05:26:10 -0600 )edit

Yes i did all the steps !! actually problem is my code run on first attempt but when i click on the .cpp file it show me error , then i close the project then i open it then run , it run fine , but when i click on .cpp file it again shown me error's

FLY gravatar imageFLY ( 2014-04-10 06:00:21 -0600 )edit