Unhandled exception error in OCL HOG descriptor

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I am trying to compute HOG descriptors using the OCL library in OpenCV 2.4.7 but I get an unhandled exception error in the getDescriptors function . The error I get in the getDescriptor function is:

This is the error I get: "Unhandled Exception at at0x76D0B727 in pedestrian_detection.exe: Microsoft C++ exception at memory location 0x0023E92C"

Here is my code:

Mat img = imread ("test.png", CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE);

ocl::oclMat d_img(img);

ocl::oclMat d_img2;

ocl::resize(d_img , d_img2 ,Size(64,128),0,0,INTER_LINEAR);

// HOGs

ocl::HOGDescriptor ocl_hog;

ocl_hog.gamma_correction = true;

// Compute descriptor

ocl::oclMat d_descriptor;

ocl_hog.getDescriptors(d_img2, ocl_hog.win_size, d_descriptor, ocl_hog.DESCR_FORMAT_COL_BY_COL);

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