Find bounding box of contour

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 using (MemStorage store = new MemStorage())
     for (Contour<Point> contours = canny.FindContours(Emgu.CV.CvEnum.CHAIN_APPROX_METHOD.CV_CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE, Emgu.CV.CvEnum.RETR_TYPE.CV_RETR_EXTERNAL, store); contours != null; contours = contours.HNext)
         Contour<Point> currentContour = contours.ApproxPoly(contours.Perimeter * 0.05, store);
         if (currentContour.Area > threshold) 


Error 1 'System.Drawing.Rectangle' is a 'type' but is used like a 'variable'

here rectangle function call require some modification to get the boundoingbox! or any other way to get find bounding box for all contours in image? thank you

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since this is really specific to emgu's api - you might find better help here

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2014-03-18 02:17:52 -0500 )edit