how do I re-project points in a camera - projector system (after calibration)

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Hi all, i have seen many blog entries and videos and source coude on the internet about how to carry out camera + projector calibration using openCV, in order to produce the camera.yml, projector.yml and projectorExtrinsics.yml files.

I have yet to see anyone discussing what to do with this files afterwards. Indeed I have done a calibration myself, but I don't know what is the next step in my own application.

Say I write an application that now uses the camera - projector system that I calibrated to track objects and project something on them. I will use contourFind() to grab some points of interest from the moving objects and now I want to project these points (from the projector!) onto the objects!

what I want to do is (for example) track the centre of mass (COM) of an object and show a point on the camera view of the tracked object (at its COM). Then a point should be projected on the COM of the object in real time.

It seems that projectPoints() is the openCV function I should use after loading the yml files, but I am not sure how I will account for all the intrinsic & extrinsic calibration values of both camera and projector. Namely, projectPoints() requires as parameters the

  • vector of points to re-project (duh!)
  • rotation + translation matrices. I think I can use the projectorExtrinsics here. or I can use the composeRT() function to generate a final rotation & a final translation matrix from the projectorExtrinsics (which I have in the yml file) and the cameraExtrinsics (which I don't have. side question: should I not save them too in a file??).
  • intrinsics matrix. this tricky now. should I use the camera or the projector intrinsics matrix here?
  • distortion coefficients. again should I use the projector or the camera coefs here?
  • other params...

So If I use either projector or camera (which one??) intrinsics + coeffs in projectPoints(), then I will only be 'correcting' for one of the 2 instruments . Where / how will I use the other's instruments intrinsics ??

What else do I need to use apart from load() the yml files and projectPoints() ? (perhaps undistortion?)

ANY help on the matter is greatly appreciated . If there is a tutorial or a book (no, O'Reilly "Learning openCV" does not talk about how to use the calibration yml files either! - only about how to do the actual calibration), please point me in that direction. I don't necessarily need an exact answer :)

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