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Blob extraction by colour segmentation

asked 2014-03-08 10:09:43 -0600

Hello everyone,

I made an application which detects objects of a set color in a webcam image. I implemented a simple segmentation using Mahalanobis distance (the said reference colour is "trained" from 10/20 images obtaining a mean vector and covariance matrix), and I obtained a binary image (a Mat in which pixel values are 255 or 0). How can I perform blob analysys using this binary image? Which classes/methods/functions can I use?

I'd like, for example, to determine the size of the biggest blob and ignore smaller blobs.

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2014-03-08 12:51:05 -0600

unxnut gravatar image

Your best bet will be to use an add-on library for blob analysis such as OpenCVBlobsLib. Check the link to see the available functions.

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Asked: 2014-03-08 10:09:43 -0600

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