OPEN CV Haartraining Fails at last command of training

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OutPut on CMD

Data dir name: haarcascade
Vec file name: samples.vec
BG file name: negativesList.dat
Num pos: 250
Num neg: 99
Num stages: 20
Num splits: 2 (tree as weak classifier)
Mem: 2048 MB
Symmetric: FALSE
Min hit rate: 0.999000
Max false alarm rate: 0.500000
Weight trimming: 0.950000
Equal weights: FALSE
Mode: ALL
Width: 160
Height: 200
Max num of precalculated features: 1025541
Applied boosting algorithm: GAB
Error (valid only for Discrete and Real AdaBoost): misclass
Max number of splits in tree cascade: 0
Min number of positive samples per cluster: 500
Required leaf false alarm rate: 9.53674e-007

Tree Classifier Stage +---+ | 0| +---+

After that it give It give Error on Dialog Box "Open CV GUI Error Handler" with no description.

I am using 2.4.6 OpenCv , C++ code on windows 7 professional Please Help.

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