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Does anyone know a suitable algorithm to deal with such a complicated problem?

asked 2014-02-28 22:21:34 -0500

Oearth gravatar image

crack image

I intend to find cracks in the image. However, as you can see, the noise is very heavy. So, does anybody know how to cope with such a extreme situation? Thanks in advance.

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I wonder if a hough circle function could be modified to allow for variations of arc during the line.

GrumbleLion gravatar imageGrumbleLion ( 2014-03-08 19:11:21 -0500 )edit

I have the same question as yours. Suppose it can, then how to reduce the effect caused by such heavy noise?

Oearth gravatar imageOearth ( 2014-03-11 06:52:31 -0500 )edit

The crack is not a perfect line but it does have some sections that are less noisy. I would think you would have to start with a Gaussian blur function. Then the hough functions start by measuring local line angles and then tries to stitch them together into a longer line. The noisy bits won't pass this second part of the process.

GrumbleLion gravatar imageGrumbleLion ( 2014-03-12 03:13:35 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-02 10:40:15 -0500

wuling gravatar image

updated 2014-03-02 18:06:28 -0500

This image is color, so the other method is try to convert the other color space and find the easy inspection image. My suggestion try:

boxfilter(src,temp1,kernel......)  //try bigger core. or you can use frequency filter 


   boxfilter(src,temp12,kernel1......)   // the kernel size kernel1<kernel2
   boxfilter(src,temp11,kernel2......)  //try bigger core. or you can use frequency filter 

then try to

threshold (temp2,temp3......)  //or the orher threshold

finally try to use blob to find the longest line or characteristic which is near horizontal.

best regard

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It doesn't work well. Not much noise can be removed.

Oearth gravatar imageOearth ( 2014-03-11 08:37:08 -0500 )edit

the kernek size should be >11 you can change the other filter and try again and may be you must use area of blob to filter some noise.

wuling gravatar imagewuling ( 2014-03-11 08:44:06 -0500 )edit
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