stereoSGBM on OpenCL in OpenCV 3.0.0

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Hi all! Is it possible to run StereoSGBM disparity estimation on the trunk OpenCV (3.0.0) with OpenCL? I am trying to recover depth from the stereocamera.

I am using OpenCV 3.0.0 from the trunk. Currently my application, running StereoSGBM algorithm, processes one video frame 640x480 for about 1-2 seconds.

Version 2.4.8 of the OpenCV has the separate module OCL, which includes this. It could be concluded that the version 3.0 can automatically turn on OpenCL support. Is it the case?

Here is the relevant part of the buildInformation string:

Version control:               721d014-dirty
    Host:                        Windows 6.1 AMD64
    CMake generator:             Visual Studio 12
    CMake build tool:            C:/PROGRA~2/MSBuild/12.0/Bin/MSBuild.exe
    MSVC:                        1800 
Other third-party libraries:
    Use IPP:                     NO
    Use Eigen:                   YES (ver 3.2.0)
    Use TBB:                     YES (ver 4.2 interface 7002)
    Use OpenMP:                  NO
    Use GCD                      NO
    Use Concurrency              NO
    Use C=:                      NO
    Use Cuda:                    NO
    Use OpenCL:                  YES

    Version:                     dynamic
    Include path:                C:/opencv/master/3rdparty/include/opencl/1.2
    Use AMDFFT:                  NO
    Use AMDBLAS:                 NO
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