how i can add and load data file to train svm classifier? [closed]

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i read a pdf file that is use FG-NET dataset to train svm. FG-NET Facial Expression and Emotion Database consists of MPEG video files with spontaneous emotions recorded. Database contains examples gathered from 18 subjects ( 9 female and 9 male). Proposed system was trained with captured video frames in which the displayed emotion is very representative. The training set consists of 675 images of seven states neutral and emotional (surprise, fear, disgust, sadness, happiness and anger). inputdir , outputdir,path words that used in this c++ program ,how can i define inputdir,outputdir,path? how i can define path to load dataset for both train and test steps?(ex c:\feed\dataset...) i upload program at:

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i use video file c:\happy_0014_1.mpg for test.i want to know add fg-net dataset to program.i have tow fg-net dataset:one of them consists video files and other consists images.i think that i should creat text file and copy dataset images.please help me

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this is a total irrelevant question to this Q&A forum ... please read the FAQ to understand why it got closed down ...

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