Oriented Gaussian Kernel

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Hi, I have three Mat of the same size: one is my image and the other two are the (u,v) components of a vector field. I would like to apply a Gaussian filter along each vector (e.g. If the gradient for a pixel is (1,0) the Gaussian kernel is computed only horizontally). How can I do that?

Can I compute something like: p = u*Gx + v*Gy, where Gx is the gaussian blur on the x-axis and Gy the gaussian on the y-axis?

The idea is that I have some contours and I want to compute the gaussian blur on the normal of the contour instead of blindly using a circular or elliptical surrounding of pixels for the computation.

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It sounds like Anisotropic Diffusion, have you tried it?

Royi gravatar imageRoyi ( 2014-06-14 07:49:46 -0600 )edit