Getting Started With OpenCV for 32-bit Windows?

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Hello, I am a C developer looking to get my hands dirty in OpenCV. I have some initial questions before I can get started, so I figured this would be the best place to ask. I'll go ahead and describe my situation before I ask my main question(s).

I'm developing a game for an organization, so I was looking for a loosely licensed software with video and image manipulation capabilities and I happened to stumble upon OpenCV. I'm compiling it as C++, but I am using C-style code and declarations. I'm using C++ because it is the preferred choice among my team members. Right now, I only need OpenCV for the purpose of playing a .AVI file in our game, which uses SDL 2.0 to perform image rendering and handling. SDL 2.0 is zlib licensed library, which makes it a nice choice for our game. OpenCV is, as you already know, BSD licensed, which also makes it a nice choice for handling the video part of our game. I do have a couple of concerns I wanted to address before I dive in, so I decided to ask here. I apologize if it is against policy to ask multiple questions like this in one post, but I'll try to limit myself.

My concerns thus far :

  • OpenCV apparently uses multiple 3rd party libraries to support some of its' features. I noted that ffmpeg in particular has a LGPL license, which worries me that OpenCV may not be truly BSD licensed for the video handling I would like to do with it.

  • I have downloaded and extracted the latest version of OpenCV, but I'm not entirely sure if I can use it with compatibility for 32-bit architectures and Windows XP and later since the latest version for Windows only comes with folders labeled x64 and x86. Also, I was only able to find Visual C++ installation tutorials online, which is concerning when I use the Code::Blocks IDE with the GCC compiler for my project. I would appreciate if someone could point out a tutorial that is either cross-compiler or any changes I might need to make on my own.

Those are my main concerns I need validated or invalidated. Again, if you want me to split this question up into different posts, I would be more than happy to do so.

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