Deploying a website containing a managed C++/Cli DLL that is using OpenCV Libraries

asked 2012-09-27 06:37:13 -0500

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i have created a web application. It contains a C++/cli DLL reference which is using OpenCV libraries

the web application works fine while deploying in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 but as soon as i try to deploy it in IIS 7.5, the execution stops and Visual Studio just-in-time Debugging appears asking for possible debugger having a list containing the same c++/cli dll project name.

then i select the DLL project and click yes in visual studio just-in-time debugger, the C++/CLI DLL project opens and a attach security warning appears giving a message

Attaching to this process can potentially harm your computer. If the information below looks suspicious or you are unsure,do not attach to this process.

as i press Attach Button. the Breakpoint appears at the starting brace of the called function of the C++/CLI DLL, giving a System.StackOverflowException.

this function contains the use OpenCV library functions and classes.

Although its working fine in microsoft visual studio 2010 which also uses IIS web server, then why its not working when i deploy the same project in IIS directly without using Visual Studio.

Also when i tried to deploy this project in a computer having no Visual Studio but Dotnet Framework 4.0 and MS VC++ redistribution 10 installed, in IIS 7.5, it throws an exception "cannot open the DLL or its dependencies"

i want to Deploy my web Application in IIS 7.5.....can anyone help me to resolve the problem i am facing in IIS 7.5

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Are you sure this is an OpenCV issue? To me it sounds more like a Microsoft VS/IIS related problem.

Ben gravatar imageBen ( 2012-09-27 07:29:53 -0500 )edit

We are also facing a similar issue where we get a System.IO.FileNotFoundException for the C++ CLI dll and it dependencies cannot be loaded. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

raghuv gravatar imageraghuv ( 2015-07-15 09:30:26 -0500 )edit

It is exactly an OpenCV issue. When you try to do same thing without opencv it works properly. But with opencv it couldn't. I faced with same problem.

renV gravatar imagerenV ( 2017-01-12 00:43:27 -0500 )edit