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Camera suggestion

asked 2014-01-07 06:37:12 -0600

2hochn gravatar image

For a University Project i have to film a semi-transparent Window, detect certain shapes and send the results to another computer. (Example Picture at bottom of post) The detection is done with c++ using OpenCV in Win7.

I think the simplest solution is to connect the camera directly to a computer and do the Computation on the machine. I need to have at least 25fps, a resolution of 1280 x 1024 would probably be enough for the detection.

I am relativly free in the decision which camera i want to use. Can you suggest a camera that works well with OpenCV and is easy to use?

This Question has been asked a few times, but most of it has no answer or is old:

Recommended HD camera (Best thread i found. suggests logitech quickcam 9000 pro, not on market anymore)

Which Machine Vision Vendor provides OpenCV support (General Advice not sure what to make of it)

Which Camera for body detection (2010, no clear answer)

OpenCV Webcam Compability (2011)

List of compatible camera tested with opencv (dead link, no copy found yet)

Industrial Camera in Python (no answer and not what i need)

Example Picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S2

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answered 2014-01-22 07:30:23 -0600

2hochn gravatar image

Just to let you know: I will buy the Logitech c920 and hopefully succeed in adjusting the focus point. Tutorial on Youtube This will cost me ~80€.

A "professional camera" 1.3mp, color, 60fps without lens would have cost ~330€.

Hopefully i will remember to write when it arrives and is used about my experience.

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The c920 is a really good camera, setting focus is possible. (In Ubuntu, I use v4l2_control and it works reliable)

NikolasE gravatar imageNikolasE ( 2014-01-23 08:58:37 -0600 )edit

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