Cascade Training in Windows 7

asked 2013-12-26 02:09:46 -0500

Hi Friends: I am new to openCV , i have configured OpenCV with my Eclipse IDE Using This Tutorial and is working well, i used the Face Detection tutorial, and that was successfull , But when i changed the image from lena to other pictures, then the Program was detecting odd objects as Faces, I searched for the problem and the Solution was to Train the Cascade , For that i looked over HERE, but that part was all out of my understanding , i don't know where to use OpenCV commands , and how to creat the create Sample Utility, and how to Use the TrainCascade etc , So If Anyone Understand what i want to say, Please give me guidence how to Proceed towards Cascade Training, i mean where to insert the commands stated by the above mentioned tutorial:

For yours Kind Information , {I am using Eclipse JUNO, Windows 7 , 64bit } ,

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