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Build OCV2 MSVS11, fix Fatal error unable to open file???

asked 2013-12-20 00:20:53 -0600

updated 2013-12-21 13:59:07 -0600

Finally got all my dependencies installed to build OpenCV from source, I am having a lot of trouble building OpenCV itself.

The compiler can't seem to open tbb/stddef.h or soemthing like that. Also the OpenCV core failed so almost everything after that failed. I followed the instructions in the doc to the T. I also had this problem when trying to build the eigen libs. (I think I was just building tests for that though, maybe a dll at the end?)

I think this has something to do with the #include part of the tbb, I set all the variables using CMake, do I need to do some configuration in VS?

This is a head basher for sure.

I have all my libs in C:\Opt Libs* (tbb, eigen, opencv, qt, etc are here)

I have MSVS11 in G:\Program Files (x86)*

Edit: I'll try adding the tbb headerfiles to my PATH and see if that helps. I noticed it is saying that "tbb/someheader.h" is unable to be opened, it seams that it is looking for a "tbb" dir in pwd, whats the deal here? I did use full location during CMake configuration... This is why Microsoft is just garbage. It doesn't matter how much trash is in the heap, it still sucks.

UPDATE: I built everything on Linux and it went smooth as strawberry milk. I just wish the class didn't use a c++ library that isn't supported on Linux, I feel like a CS class should avoid using Windows, for one its a closed source OS, 2, quite frankly, it SUCKS! It sucks so bad, good software can't properly be ported to it, for god only knows what reasons. Trying to get set up for this class with Windows has been a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME, I suggest OpenCV stops saying that it supports building on Windows with Visual Studio, that was the worste experience I ever had with coding, talk about want to kill myself kind of hassle.

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answered 2013-12-20 16:35:37 -0600

Ok So I kinda got it figured out, but I'll refrain from being rude.

The include dirs where off by one so to speak, I just had to select "\eigen" instead of "\eigen\Eigen" Same for tbb

Still, imageproc module failed and so did everything else that links to it.

I tried with several different configs and always an error in the OpenCV code borked the build of project so all others that need that one after will fail. Sometimes its imgproc, sometimes its highgui it just depends on the configuration.

I guess I will need to use the pre-built lib instead of trying to build one that is optimized for my processor. I don't think it will matter for the course though.

If it builds on Linux, my anger for wasting a week of my life will be solely directed at Microsoft for releasing a [email protected] compiler.

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Asked: 2013-12-20 00:20:53 -0600

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