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Resize boundaries of object

asked 2013-12-10 03:54:41 -0600

tobix10 gravatar image

updated 2013-12-10 10:05:33 -0600

I have object's bounding rect and contour. I want to use a contour as a mask to enlarge boundaries of this object to the size of bounding rect. In other words if object with green boundary pixels fitted in rectangle is on black background I want to make black pixels green.

How to do that?

image description

This is image after thresholding and applying findContours. I want to use this contour as a mask to extract leaf from original image and expand its boundaries to fill rectangle. I need to perform texture calculations and don't want to have black pixels around.

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Can you show your image ?

Haris gravatar imageHaris ( 2013-12-10 05:47:55 -0600 )edit

Ok. Post edited.

tobix10 gravatar imagetobix10 ( 2013-12-10 10:06:21 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-12-10 23:20:20 -0600

Haris gravatar image

Ok, so you already found the contour and bounding rectangle, and you need to make the contour as mask, for this draw contour with thickness=CV_FILLED to a new Mat and later copy the object from your source image using OpenCV Mat::copyTo(OutputArray m, InputArray mask), here you should use contour as mask .

And next thing is fill your rectangle excluding the object. For this draw the rectangle to a new Mat with thickness-CV_FILLED which will fill your rectangle with scalar you provided. Now perform bitwise_xor operation between previously created contour and newly created rectangle image. Using the resultant mask you can fill the area between your contour and rectangle.

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