Size change after modify TIFF image

asked 2013-12-05 08:49:08 -0500

Seelenoede gravatar image

Hi there,

I have a the problem that after a modifaction of an TIFF image (noise reduction or routating) the output TIFF has almost the same amount of pixels but the size in milimeters is much larger.
So if I rotate a image the size of the image changes from 210,31 × 295,66 milimeters to 1231,90 × 1231,90 milimeters. In pixel: Input - 2484 × 3492; Output - 3492 × 3492.
This is problematic because the resolution also changes from 300x300 ppi to 72x72 ppi (and I must still work with the image and then the resolution is quite important) Any ideas how to solve the problem?
I work now with OpenCV 2.4.7 but the problem is also present in 2.4.3.

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