Creating a Virtual Gamelan App

asked 2013-12-01 05:04:46 -0500

Hey guys, my name is Kevin Phytagoras. I'm now working on final project for undergraduate thesis that using openCV. i'm creating a virtual gamelan app. its kinda like this

Gamelan is a music instrument originating from indonesia. it's kinda like xylophone. I'm trying to create an app that can simulate the real play of a gamelan using webcam as a motion detector.

Here is the rough drawing of what i want to create image description

the app workaround is like this

  1. user put down paper with picture of gamelan
  2. webcam capture the picture and designate the position of target area for gamelan mallet to be smashed
  3. webcam detect the motion of gamelan mallet
  4. the motion must past imaginary line for the motion to be considered as smashing
  5. smashed target area will make a sound according to which target area is smashed

I know that i must

  1. Detect the mallet movement
  2. Designate the area on paper
  3. Create the imaginary line
  4. Make the target area respond with sound when smashed

So what the best method to do that ? i like any suggestion that you can give.

i'm sorry if i ask too much, i just don't know how to start this project

thank you for all your attention. i'm waiting for any response.

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