Windows has triggered a breakpoint in my project on Rodrigues function

asked 2013-11-30 02:10:06 -0500

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updated 2013-11-30 04:08:30 -0500

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I am using Rodrigues function in openCV ( visual 2010 + windows 64)

but every time I compile it, this error is appeared:

Windows has triggered a breakpoint in Golnaz.exe.

This may be due to a corruption of the heap, which indicates a bug in matrixProjection.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded.

This may also be due to the user pressing F12 while matrixProjection.exe has focus.

The output window may have more diagnostic information.

this is cause of calling this function: Rodrigues(temp,rv);

How can I solve that?

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sounds like dll hell, - please check, if you're linking the right libs (vs version, 64/32 bits, debug/release)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2013-11-30 04:07:33 -0500 )edit

no that is ok! I checked it more than 100 times!

Golnaz gravatar imageGolnaz ( 2013-11-30 04:45:18 -0500 )edit