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I am trying to train a set of patterns and find a match within a test image.

That being said, I have many descriptors from train data set:

cv::Mat descriptor1; cv::Mat descriptor2; cv::Mat descriptor3; cv::Mat descriptor4; cv::Mat descriptor5;

//put all train set descriptors in a vector std::vector<cv::mat> descriptors; descriptors.push_back(descriptor1); ... descriptors.push_back(descriptor5);

//add and train FlannBasedMatcher matcher; matcher.add(descriptors); matcher.train();

//match cv::Mat descriptorTest; matcher.knnMatch(descriptorTest, m_knnMatches, 2);

//ratio test to get good matches std::vector<cv::dmatch> matches = ratioTest(m_knnMatches);

// the result matches after ratio test contains many DMatch for example: DMatch (queryIdx: , trainIdx: *, imageIdx: 1, distance: *.} DMatch (queryIdx: *, trainIdx: *, imageIdx: 2, distance: *.} DMatch (queryIdx: *, trainIdx: *, imageIdx: 0, distance: *.} DMatch (queryIdx: *, trainIdx: *, imageIdx: 1, distance: *.} DMatch (queryIdx: *, trainIdx: *, imageIdx: 4, distance: *.*}

As you can see, the DMatch objects in the vector are from different trained image - different imageIdx.

As the accuracy is still not very good, I want to try Homography estimation but I don't know how to do it with that kinds of result matches. Only Homography example I have is working on 1 train image and 1 test image. Can you give me some advices for implementing Homography estimation in this situation?

What else can you think of to improve accuracy as post processes?

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