memory issue with iOS7

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Hello everyone,

I'm following another post about iOS7 issue ( which has no answer so far.

I've made some test even with the openCV 2.4.7 and the trouble still appearing on iOS7 only.

the memory issue start appearing using cvvideocamera when I use the stop and start function for the 5 times.

In my application I have 2 UIViewController. The first one is using cvvideoCamera which is stop only when the view disappear ( present the second view controller) and start cvvideoCamera when my view controller is appearing.

My second view controller is using AR with the metaio SDK.

the trouble appears when I return from the AR view controller for the 5th times. From this point my application become more and more slow for loading the AR screen and return to the cvvideoCamera view controller. Generally during the 7th times I have to kill my application.

This trouble only happen with iOS7 device.

Is there any workaround to fix the memory issue? I still don't understand why this trouble only appears on iOS7 only.

Furthermore why the cvvideoCamera is re creating from scratch when I call the start method?

Could you please tell me if this error is a known issue? can something be done?

I really thank you for your help

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I have the same issue. The memory leaks appear to occur within the [camera start] method, and increase in magnitude each time [camera start] is called. Any developments? Have you filed a bug report?

sfr gravatar imagesfr ( 2014-01-11 21:21:55 -0500 )edit