Using OpenCV with Twitter4j library in Processing

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Hello OpenCV community,

I'm Cyrille from France, coming back to school at 40 years old for a PhD in computational sciences. I'm a OpenCV beginner. I use Processing software to code and try to execute some Twitter4j code use. My need is to collect some Data & Metadata from Twitter and Facebook on specific subjects to use Data Mining softwares (knime, Weka, Orange, etc...) and Social Network Analysis softwares (NodeXL, Gephi, Pajek, etc...) to analyze some characteristics on the social networks.

I succeed to create a small routine with Twiiter4j in PROCESSING to display a particular Twitter search. I download the opencv_processing (from Processing library) and download the openCV soft (from here: from the Website to deal with the Data & Metadata collection issue before analysis. I think it is the easiest way for me to do it.

I have no idea how to code correctly the opencv_processing library or the openCV library in the PROCESSING software. Is anyone have here a successful code example to suggest me ? May I have to use ECLIPSE software instead of PROCESSING (with the tutorial here:

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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