Use to build opencv4 for android on Windows

asked 2020-11-19 02:15:59 -0500

ARYL518 gravatar image

Hi, I need to build OpenCV for Android on Windows10. The OpenCV version is 4.4 and the command I use is:

opencv-master\platforms\android\ --extra_modules_path=..\opencv_contrib-master\modules\ --no_samples_build

After building, I got the following information:

Build finished ANDROID_NDK_HOME environment variable required by the samples project is not set SDK location: D:\YixunLiu\OpenCV4\build-android\OpenCV-android-sdk Documentation location: D:\YixunLiu\OpenCV4\build-android\OpenCV-android-sdk\sdk\java\javadoc

The problem is I cannot find "", which is I need.

I got the following folder under build-android: 3rdparth, jni and staticlibs I search all folders and cannot find

Any help is very appreciated!



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