Is that an occlusion depth research problem?

asked 2020-11-19 01:09:02 -0600

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I'm having a problem that I'm doing mixed reality application and the depth camera(ZED) see that window in the car, which should not be. I'm cutting out bases on threshold distance. that's a Mixed Reality scene, that's done in a car, I'm trying to cut out everything expect virtual reality stuff, as you see the windows are not cut out

I'm having a depth camera, which I cut out everything based on thresholded distance if z < distance, discard did temporal filtering, there are less flickering but right now as you see there are places where the cut out is not working

image description

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no matter what principle your depth camera uses, it will struggle with reflections on the surface of that window. prepare to accept this defect.

crackwitz gravatar imagecrackwitz ( 2020-11-19 16:54:12 -0600 )edit