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I'm part of a PSE (Practrice in Software Development) Team, that has to develop a visualization for OpenCV. We're students at a german university who going to work on this project half a year, and we want to know what the community sees as important features, that we should implement.

An example of the later usage of our project:

// Find ORB features in two images ImageFeatures features1, features2;
   OrbFeaturesFinder orbFinder(...);
   orbFinder(inputImg1, features1);
   orbFinder(inputImg2, features2);
   // Match found features in both images
   vector<DMatch> matches;
   Matcher matcher(...);
   matcher.match(features1, features2, matches);

   // For Development only (does nothing in release mode):
   // Interactively debug matches and inspect parameters
   cv::visualize::showMatches(inputImg1, inputImg2, matches);

The last line uses our project to create a window displaying the two images and visualizing the matches.

It requires OpenCV to be linked with Qt 5.

We would be happy if you would tell us your "must have" features of our project, any suggestions are helpful.

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