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How do you account for the spherical distortion of Optical Flow estimation in equirectangular images?

asked 2020-11-07 16:32:57 -0600

How would one use any of OpenCV's Optical Flow algorithms on a 360 degree panorama video stored in an equirectangular projection?

Doing this regularly would not account for the distortion, I think. Additionally how would one make sure there are no seams in the resulting optical flow field along the edges of this equirectangular projected image?

Take this video for example:

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answered 2020-11-12 07:36:55 -0600

crackwitz gravatar image

updated 2020-11-12 07:38:08 -0600

video of moving clouds? you could change the projection so the view is pointing up

if you actually need a spherical flow field, you could take several different projections so you cover the whole sphere, calculate flow fields, and then scale the flow fields so that you get proper angles and magnitudes on the sphere. yes, that involves some math on a sphere and whatever projection model you're using.

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