How can I calibate distortion using a series of lines

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Does OpenCV support the ability to calculate lens distortion coefficients using a series of images which has just lines? I want to use lines because I am using a laser triangulated 3D measurement technique for finding range information. Attempted to use standard chess board however the results are less than desired. The images with lines represent captured single frame images of a fixture which a sheet of light laser strikes. The fixture is known to be precision machined and flat. Obviously, when seen by the camera, the line appears curved do to the lens distortion.

How can I perform this task using OpenCV calibrateCamera? Can I just walk along the imagine curve and pick points using a fixed step distance between points? Also, the points are calculated from a cog method.

I am attaching a few imagines to illustrate. image description image description

Of course there are many more imagines that would be use that the two I have attached. But the idea is that these lines are captured in the laser plane on a know flat surface. I would like to use these to perform the lens distortion calibration.



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but I don't know how to attach imagines

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